Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 Blog

Sam contacted me earlier in the year and asked me if I would design her wedding cake. She had chosen a country fair theme with blue/green colours and pretty floral details… this was perfectly illustrated in her gorgeous Vivien of Holloway bridesmaid dresses.

Sam had seen a previous cake of mine in WED magazine and liked the little gold frame details… I managed to use these in her design as well as a floral hand painted tier in a pattern similar to the textile print of the dresses. The cake was to be displayed with a single hand crafted, completely edible tea cup on the top and 15 cups around the base, to be used as individual gifts for family members.

The cake itself was all dairy free. The base tier was a vanilla bean sponge filled with Cornish Boddingtons Berries Raspberry Conserve, The middle tier was a deep zesty lemon sponge filled with blueberry conserve and the top was a lightly spiced carrot cake filled with dairy free cream cheese frosting with a hint of coconut. The teacups were all filled with lemon sponge with a dollop of blueberry conserve hidden in the centre.

The setting for the cake was the grand staircase in the rather lovely Scorrier House. It was a little nerve wracking setting the cake up on the stairs, but it did create a show stopping centrepiece! I must admit I do think this is my favourite creation to date!

Scorrier House –